Dapamedol 5 mg

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Dapademol 5mg

Dapamedol 5mg tablet is used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus. This medicine can be used alone or with combination of other medicines. It helps to maintain the high blood sugar levels usually seen in the diabetes patients, thus it also prevents major heart diseases and damages can be happen due to high blood sugar level. Managing the extra sugar ( glucose) in the blood is the primary function of diabetes medicine. Dapamedol 5 mg helps to get rid of extra sugar in the form of urine. 

Benefits:- This medicine maintain the level of sugar level in the blood. Dapamedol 5mg helps to reduce the risk of kidney and heart damage that can be happen because of high blood sugar level. It is recommended to take this medicine with regular exercise and healthy diet. For the proper healthy and normal life you should continue it as prescribed by your doctor.