Medology Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems

The quality team at the manufacturing site is guided by a Corporate Quality Unit (CQU). This CQU has members from quality assurance, quality engineering, quality control, and regulatory affairs. CQU regularly updates location-based quality representatives on new regulatory practices and monitors the quality of documentation in order to comply with changing international requirements.

Quality Management Systems

The overall objective of Medology Pharmaceutical “Quality Management Systems” is to ensure that the desired ‘Quality’ is built in the products at each and every stage of manufacturing and retained in the product throughout its shelf life.

Quality & Affordability for Humanity

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Quality Assurance

Organizations succeed when they build trust and create customer value with every interaction. A customer-focused culture can offer a host of benefits, including greater brand valuation, customer loyalty, and increased market share.

Quality isn’t a checklist, a goal of the management team, or the responsibility of the quality unit—it’s a core component of a culture that should be owned by every member of the organization.

When your company’s workflow is treated as an interrelated process rather than individual, unrelated tasks. This process-based method is a core principle of the pharmaceutical QMS approach.

Leadership is integral to a strategic and systemic approach to quality-driven organizations. The management team is responsible for refining the organization’s vision and the leadership team is tasked with creating a culture of quality.

An organization can only optimize products and performance by understanding how a system produces results. Quality management systems consist of a framework for the governance of interrelated processes.

Continuous improvement is critical to the success of organizations in any industry. The pharmaceutical industry is under intense pressure to meet strict regulatory requirements and pricing pressures. C